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Try clever-f.vim

Enter fs at first line and repeat f.

Repeatable f, F, t and T

First, you can search char with f{char} as normal Vim. And then you can repeat it with f and F.When you move the cursor with another key, the repeatablity ends. t and T have the same behavior.

Highlight Characters

The target character is highlighted. You can know where the cursor can move.

Try fsffff... at first line!

fs jumps cursor to first s. Succeeding f repeats jumping cursor to next s. All s in current line is highlighted hence you can know where cursor may jump.

Customize .vimrc with :e .vimrc

You can customize config. (e.g. When you write let g:clever_f_ignore_case = 1 to .vimrc, clever-f.vim ignores the letter's case.) Please see document for more detail.
.vimrc is stored to local storage, preserved after you close this page.