Menubar App to Keep You in the Trend

Manage Unread
Trending Repositories

Trendy is a GitHub Trending Repository viewer for trend-conscious people.
You can watch and manage trending repositories by 'new', 'current' and 'all' tabs and see the README pages with embedded browser like mobile app.
For more detail, please see README.

Select Menubar Window or
Isolated Window

You can select a menu-integrated window or isolated normal window. If you want to access to Trendy whenever and wherever, menubar window is better.

New Repository Notification
in Menu

Trendy notifies you new trending repository by menu icon. When Trendy find new repository in GitHub trends, the color of menu icon is changed to red


1. Download

Download from release page.

Currently packages are available for Linux (32/64bit), Windows (32/64bit) and OS X (64bit).

2. Open

Click app downloaded from release page or execute trendycommand installed with npm

3. Select Languages

Languages picker window will start. Please check your favorite languages to watch. At last push 'Go' button to start Trendy.